Health Insurance for Foreigners

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In the face of health problems and treatment costs that you may encounter while residing in Turkey, Nart Sigorta Demir Sağlık ve Hayat stands by you with Health Insurance for foreign guests.

In the Circular on Private Health Insurances to be made for foreign nationals up to the age of 65, who apply with their TCKN or VKN when they want to obtain a residence permit in Turkey, for their residence permit and visa requests.

qualifies for health insurance that is safely acceptable.

Can I benefit?

If you are between 0-65 years old and you are a foreigner residing in the Republic of Turkey, you can say yes.

** Inpatient Treatment Scope

Inpatient treatment in contracted health institutions is covered by unlimited coverage, while in non-contracted health institutions, an annual limit of 20,000 TL is covered by a 20 percent insured contribution.

** Outpatient Treatment Scope
Outpatient treatment expenses are covered by an annual limit of 5000 TL and 40% insured participation. The insurance is valid for 1 year. • The product is a single plan and includes Inpatient + Standing + Minor Intervention Coverage. • There is a 9-month waiting period for inpatient treatment coverage.
• There is a 6-month waiting period for outpatient treatment coverage.
• There is no Lifetime Renewal Guarantee Right in Foreign Health Insurance policies.
• Treatments performed abroad are not covered.
• Policy renewal will be made and no waiting period will be applied for policy renewals


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